But with this devastating conclusion comes the reminder that their love story is far from over and that this hurdle is just one more reason why their story is worth telling. They will get their happy ending, believe in that. This is not the end yet. This is just another chapter in their incredible love story.
TV Guide Canada http://www.theloop.ca/showbiz/tv-guide/reviews/article/-/a/3969666/-Castle-finale-A-story-worth-telling (via eachothersperfect)

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I'm sorry but that episode of castle was the greatest hour of television I have ever watched in my life. The writing and acting on this show is so completely spot on I legit want to cry. What a beautiful way to round off such an intense and fundamental storyline!!





Also stana katic and nathan fillion need all the awards

Just saying

also huge applause for our Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever and Penny Jerald Johnson for their brilliant acting


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